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We offer a variety of coating and insulation services. Below we describe the advantages and disadvantages of our silicone coatings and spray polyurethane foam.


Silicone Coatings


There are two types of silicone coatings, 70% solids and 95% solids by volume. 70% solids silicone has been around for more then 40 years with great success. Silicone with 95% solids was developed to meet the need for greener, more environmentally friendly products. 95% solids silicone contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that will evaporate into the air, the lower solids version has 30%.

Silicone with 95% solids has a glossy finish that offers great resistance to dirt pick up.

Some coatings, such as acrylic, have low solids content of 47% by volume. This means more then half the product will evaporate into the air. One gallon per 100 square feet of 50% solids acrylic will result in 8 dry mils of coating. 1 gallon per 100 square feet of silicone leaves 15 dry mils. A thicker coating means better protection for your roof.

Silicone coatings are the only non-sacrificial coatings available. Other coating systems will degrade with UV rays from the sun. Depending on where the coating is, it can be as much as 3 to 5 mils per year. Silicone does not degrade from UV rays.

Silicone coatings are capable of withstanding permanent ponding water with no effect to the product. Because of this silicone coatings can be used to waterproof water fountains and man-made ponds. All other roof coatings will need positive drain. Ponding water will break down other coatings making these soft and greatly reducing its life span.

Silicone coatings will not support mold or mildew growth. Unlike acrylic, silicone will not blacken due to mold or mildew.

Silicone coatings are fast drying. In tropical climates, silicone is dry enough to walk on in two hours. This means multiple coats can be applied in the same day. Work is completed sooner than with other coatings.

Silicone will not wash out. Rain, even a minute after application, will not compromise silicone. This is because silicone coatings are not water based, water-soluble nor water reactive. Acrylic coatings will wash off the roof if rained on even after several hours after application. Urethanes react adversely to rain. The Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC) fines contractors responsible for any coatings or paint washouts.

Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (ccSPF)

Repair is easy. A puncture on the system that has been left unattended for months will affect only a small area around the cut or puncture. Cutting back to good foam and caulking the area is all that is required to restore the system. This damage will not cause a leak.

(ccSPF) has an insulation R-value of 6.5 to 7.1 per inch applied. In tropical areas this will lower the temperature of the roof deck and maintain your home cooler longer than other insulations because there is no thermal bridging. Since no fasteners are employed, it is fully adhered and can lower the stress on the structure from thermal shock.

(ccSPF) is monolithic. Spray-applied polyurethane foam assures no weak points at seams, screws or welds. These are typical problem areas for other systems.

(ccSPF) is self-flashing. Spray foam is a liquid that, when applied, expands to 30 times its original volume. This makes it perfect for flashing any penetration, parapet, roof hatch and skylights.

(ccSPF) is an excellent solution to rehabilitating old roof systems. An example of which is built-up roofing that is typically weakened by its many seams. An inch of spray-applied foam over an old built-up roof will provide a monolithic roof system that is 100% adhered.

(ccSPF) has excellent wind uplift resistance. Tested by Under Writers Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM), spray applied foam and coating systems exceeded the capability of all testing equipment. This means there was no equipment capable of generating enough wind force to cause the roof system to fail.

When the US military, businesses, and organizations demand leak free performance, a properly installed closed cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (ccSPF) with Silicone top coat, has proven to be the roof system of choice.

Flat, round, sloped, metal, single ply, tar and gravel, modified bitumen, acrylic coating, bare concrete or wood; Pacific Industrial Coatings can eliminate your routine roofing expenses once and for all.